Independent travel discounts sometimes apply on package ski holidays where flights are not taken. In such cases, skiers can travel at their convenience by train or car, and arrive into resort under their own steam.

If you require directions to your accommodation, along with contact telephone numbers of the chalet and the resort manager, please call our After Sales Department on 0203 0800 249 for details. Operators cannot guarantee that your rooms will be ready for your arrival if arriving before 4pm as they will still be cleaning the chalet for your stay. Under normal circumstances, there will be a room available for the group to leave their bags if they arrive early. 

Please notify us of your estimated arrival time and a contact number. If you will be arriving very early or very late in the day, please call the Resort Manager to advise him or her of your timings. Operators will ask that you provide them with your arrival and departure times so the chalet staff can prepare the chalet for you.

To find out more information on the independent travel options on your chalets or resorts of choice, please call our dedicated Sales Consultants.