It’s important to err on the side of caution when skiing, and we require all customers to have the relevant insurance cover for the duration of their holiday.

In broad terms, most travel insurance policies cover the basics while abroad, but may exclude any extreme or winter sport activity. This typically comes at additional cost. Please be sure to check your existing policy.

The range of cover depends on the policy you purchase. We advise that it’s not always best to buy the cheapest travel insurance policy as it could lead to high expenses should an accident occur. Instead, choose a policy that covers all the necessary areas for your ski holiday and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re fully covered.

Please note that some extreme winter sports (such as but not limited to tobogganing, heli-skiing, ski-dooing, ice-driving or paragliding) may not be automatically covered in your ski insurance policy. If you plan to partake in extreme activities, please ensure they’re covered in your policy.

*We recommend that you take out your ski insurance as soon as your booking is confirmed, that way you may be covered for any cancellation to your booking prior to departure.
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