La Plagne: Why We're Going Back Next Year

(2015-04-01 10:35:22)

-By Rob
Booking a holiday online still feels like a risk, in comparison to the days when you left the travel agent who had provided you with the physical evidence of your custom. As a father of a six year old, I can not afford for this to go wrong and with some trepidation I booked through a firm that I had not heard of before, but whom seemed professional both online and in the brief phone conversation I had with them. I took comfort from their bonding and capacity to take credit card so were obviously of satisfactory status.
Once that stress of pressing the "book" button was over, every interaction exceeded my expectations, from booking to reaching the resort some 12 months later. We had selected chalet Joly in La Plagne. As a small party of four with two dads and two young children that we would take out of school to keep costs under control, Joly appealed as it was well-placed and small so we would not feel overwhelmed by any larger parties.
La Plagne with the kids
La Plagne with the kids. Image courtesy of Rob Elsey.
Our flights were on time and we were greeted with an easy-to-find rep, as well as an easy-to-find coach, whose driver and on-board rep were keen to assist with luggage and the children - all the great reasons I had opted for my very first package tour in over 10 years of skiing. On board, we were well welcomed and happy. Purchasing our ski passes was also straight-forward and in sterling.
The transfer was the normal long and boring event they tend to be, but the reps delivered us into resort ahead of the previously advised time, where we were greeted by the most helpful chalet host (Robin) I have ever met. He carried the kids bags from coach to room and laid on a great greeting with a depth of knowledge about the resort that stretched back many years. He reassured us that our passes would arrive in time for the kids to make the early morning ski school - such assurance went beyond the call of duty with him calling the head of resort whilst we were present. Robin then proceeded to show us where the ski hire shop and ski school meeting place was so we could get all that faff out of the way on the day of arrival. rather than having that stressful rush that normally greets the first mornings of skiing with kids!
Squeezed into a bobsleigh
Squeezed into a bobsleigh. Image courtesy of Rob Elsey.
On that first morning I was shocked to find an English cooked breakfast awaited me at the breakfast table and then find that the kids were the only two in the ski school led by Roger - almost private lessons for the week - yippee!
So pleased I was with the way the week was going, we all took a night out to go to the bobsleigh sorted by Robin our host - picked up from the door of chalet Joly and whisked to the front of the queue for the thunderous downhill experience that my daughter still harks on about - another highlight!
The rest as they say is history and I guess the best testimony I can give is that I have booked the same chalet through Interactive Resorts for next year - we had a truly wonderful time as La Plagne is spot on for kids of that age and our host and other guests at chalet Joly all got along so well and included the kids in everything. The weather and conditions were just top and the location for the price was frankly awesome - next year now has some living up to and I can't wait!