Getting ready for the Alps at Chel-Ski in London

(2017-01-18 09:45:31)


Recently, Catered Ski Chalets broadcast via Facebook Live from Chel-Ski’s indoor ski slope to demonstrate some key techniques for the piste this season. One of our ski holiday experts was joined by an ace Chel-Ski instructor, and we saw everything from basic skills to some impressive advanced moves.


We arrived to a warm welcome from the Chel-Ski team, who lead us from their reception area through to the ski centre, which features two revolving high-tech slopes. These are essentially huge treadmills with bristled turf that you can ski at a speed of your choosing, and the hydraulics allow you to adjust the angle of the slope to suit your ability.


Kyran Savage was our expert instructor for the afternoon. He joined our ski holiday expert Eleanor to run through two key skiing techniques for our Facebook Live audience, and we invited people watching to request any other skills they wanted to see.



The pair started with the snowplough, an essential move that all skiers learn on day 1, before moving on to more challenging parallel turns. This might all sound simple to seasoned pros, but skiing on the Chel-Ski slope is less forgiving than snow and only rewards excellent technique! This means that after you refine your moves at Chel-Ski, you’ll find precise, perfect turns on snow an absolute breeze.


With our live broadcast nearing its conclusion, we put a special technique request to Kyran: performance turns. Our knowledgeable ski instructor said that it was no problem – they do plenty of advanced race training at Chel-Ski – and set about demonstrating some very professional turns.


To watch our full broadcast from Chel-Ski, head over to our Facebook page. We’ll also be posting some extra content from our visit over the next few days, including video of the head instructors showing off some awesome stunts.


If you’d like to book a session at Chel-Ski to sharpen up your skills, check out their website here or call 020 3829 6961.


Of course, if all this urban skiing has you craving a trip to the Alps, check out our full range of ski holiday deals here.